The Natural Evolution of Lakes and Woodlands

The mission of the Yankee Lake Preservation Association has a strong focus on the proper caring of the natural environment in and around Yankee Lake.

The Natural Evolution of Lakes and Woodlands

Lakes go through a natural aging process. Storm run-off carries soil and nutrients into the low-lying areas (the lake). The soil settles, and the nutrients encourage plant and animal growth. The life cycles of the plants and animals, along with the in-coming soils, cause the lake to become shallower over time. Shallower water allows more light penetration, and vegetation increases on the lake bottom. This progression of silt and vegetation eventually fills in the pond or lake. The lake becomes a wetlands (what we used to call a swamp!), and eventually a meadow. Over time, shrubs take over, which then give way to forests, which have their own life cycle progressions.
This process takes place over many years. So slowly hardly anyone ever notices. It is for this reason that our By-Laws call for the creation of a Lake Management Plan (and Woodland Management Plan). If you are interested in helping to research and create plans for managing our local lake environment, please use the contact link at the bottom of this page and let us know!

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